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Hi. Crap. Wish I'd gotten this sooner. I just booked solo yesterday. I felt the same way. Had it on hold, decent solo price. Finally decided to suck it up an just go. 31 days. If u decide to go anyway- let me know. We can meet, hang out an maybe plan something in future. I'd even be up for a precruise room share or after cruise transportation. I am flying back to lax after disembarkation - wanted to stay a few days but didn't want to solo. Fyi- I did air search on tripadvisor an got a Priceline return flight to lax for 620
I live in ms but visiting az friend before heading home. We r u located? Thanks for messaging- let me know if u decide to go!
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Hi! I'm seriously interested, i.e., am almost ready to book and go by myself on the 31 day version (really want to see Patagonia). I'm female, 62 but active and youthful and I've spent the past 2 years traveling around the world. I'm very easy-going and flexible, would love someone compatible to share the cost. If you haven't found someone already, get back to me and let's see if we want to make this happen. Sara
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