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Default It does happen, I found my pinoy that way (:

There are very very strict but it does happen. 2 yrs ago I went on a cruise and we had this amazing waiter but I was with a boyfriend at the time. Anyways he was amazing and treated us so good. Well he gave me his facebook and I looked him up and we became friends. Mind you he works a 10 month on 2 month on contract and is from the Philippines. Anyways this year I booked another cruise with just family and didn't have a boyfriend. My pinoy saw my status and my new cruuse plans and sent me a message and said "ill see you there". I was confused lol because I was going on a different ship, different port, different everything. He told me he gad signed a contract to the cruise I was going on. I was so excited because he was such an amazing guy and I wanted to see him again. I went on the second cruise and of couse I went and found him. I hugged him and we saw each other every night after. But the last night we snuck into a crew member only area and hung out. He did not try to make and advances on me. He was such a gentleman. Then I asked what would happen if we were to get caught and he said he would get fired. So I told him I wouldnt risk that. He walked some back way to my cabin and I gave him a hug goodbye. I knew I liked him for real this time, lol. I told him that I was going to make him mine one day because he had told me being pinoy they respect women, can cook an clean, they believe in only one marriage. An I respected him for being so family oriented and such a hard worker. Most american guys are so lazy and have no values. He was shocked I would even say I wanted him, like I even bought him something before I got off the ship, lol. So when he knew I felt some way he told me he liked me but the ship is so strict that he cant show that he was interested. Well since I have been off the cruise we have talked everday and I care about him so much. He is so compassionate and caring and protective. He always says he wants to take me home to his family, and I would actually go

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