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Default Hooking Up

Aside from love stories, I'm going to give you some tips about hooking up with girls on a cruise:

1. They WILL lie about their age, do you gotta be extra careful there. My best friend that I met on the cruise that was 17 hooked up with a girl that he thought was 16 on the 2nd to last night, but we would later find out she was 13 lmao.

2. Be careful where you do it. The cabin is probably your best bet, but make sure you lock the door. On the 4th day I walked in on my friend getting head hah.

3. Do not, I repeat do not, have sex. Cuz then you run the risk of getting that ***** pregnant and that's pretty much the worst situation you can possibly be in on a cruise ship. Lol I don't have any stories for this one.

4. If You hookup with a chick, do not stop talking to her. Cuz that will just make it awkward every time you see her again thinkin like, "she had my dick in her mouth the other night, I hope she isn't telling her friends about my small size." Or some **** like that idk. Lmao my little buddy who was like 13 got head on the second night and never talked to the girl again after that and she talked **** about his dick lol.

5. Do not do it during the day, you will just be tired the rest of the day. Do it past curfew (1 am). And don't be a ***** and think just because it's 1 am and deck patrol says it's time to go in, that means you have to go in. Anytime they would tell us to go in, we would just go somewhere else they weren't, and literally stayed out till like 3:30 every night. Just have fun and make the most of it fellas, odds are you will never see any of them again (which is tragic), so what do you have to lose?
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