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This is my story. Whether or not it's love, is debatable.

I went on a cruise this Febuary. Hands down it was probably one of the best cruisies I've ever been on. The second night I ended up sitting next to this guy at the dance show they had after dinner. I met him the night before at club O2 but honestly, I didn't really like him. I thought he was gonna be just a another douchy guy, and I so wasn't down for that. We got talking at the show though and he seemed like a lot of fun, he was attractive and sarcastic and honestly I wasn't really looking for anything serious, just someone I could mess around with for a bit. I kind of precieved him as an ******* though, but honestly, for 8 days, it was something I could live with. I had never had a boyfriend, or my first kiss yet (I was 15) and one of the girls on the ship also liked him. I told her my situation and she told him everything. I thought he would have thought there was something wrong with me and given up, but he so didn't. The third day I found out he liked me back. He put his arm around me in the hot tub and flirted non stop. The fourth day he walked me back to my room and gave me a hug. The fith day he walked me back to my room and kissed me, my first kiss. We made the most of our time after that. The last day on the ship was Valentine's Day and he even got me a flower. When we had to say goodbye it was really really shitty. He told me that I can start telling people I've had a boyfriend now, even if was only for 5 days. After the cruise I didn't want to talk to him. I wanted this perfect ending of all my firsts and I knew I wouldn't see him again. However, we did start talking again, and continued talking everyday for 5 months straight. 155 days after the cruise, he flew 960 miles up to visit me this summer. We got to spend another 8 glorious days together before we said goodbye, for real this time. With him going off to college, I think this times serious. But hey anything can happen, and I hope it does.
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