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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
Do you work in the industry or did you just google this?
My background is F&B. But I manage cruise ships.
Many years ago I opened and operated the top rated (and most expensive) French Restaurant in America.
A very good friend of mine was Andre Daguin, the legendary Chef / Owner of the Michelin 3 Star "Hotel de Paris" Restaurant in Auch, Gascony. For decades he was the king of French Foie Gras.

His daughter, Arienne Daguin, moved to America and started D'Artagnan, the company that produces American Foie Gras in the Hudson Valley. For the first several years of their operation, my restaurant purchased over 50% of their entire production.
Then the Reichardt Duck Farm in California was able to copy the Hudson Valley duck farmers, producing a slightly better product. I switched over to their products. But it didn't last very long. The animal rights people in California forced Reichardt to stop production, leaving D'Artagnan as the sole legal producer / distributor of American Foie Gras.
And in answer to the original question, yes it is available on cruise ships. But since the USPH only approves of us buying protein products from US Certified Dealers, and since those US Certified Dealers exist only in the USA (and because American Foie Gras is much cheaper than the European) the cruise lines mostly buy the cheaper one from the USA.

By the way, the Chinese are also producing their own version of Foie Gras, using Chinese Ducks. They do, after all, have far more ducks than anyone else on earth. The quality is similar to American Foie Gras, but far less expensive.
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