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Originally Posted by TimmyK View Post
Thank you for a wonderful review. Love the pics. I do have a few questions
1. How crowded was Breakaway?
2. With up to 4,000 guests did it feel crowded or did you feel people spent time in various areas which made the ship feel less crowded?
3. You mentioned you were given VIP privilege; was this because of your status or because you signed up at guest relations?

Overall GETAWAY did not feel crowded, and the ship was full. The one exception is the pool deck which is very crowded and there are not enough pools for the amount of passengers. The ship is designed very well and disperses passengers nicely throughout the ship so no one area feels crowded (again with the exception of the pool deck).

Can't really elaborate on the VIP status but it had nothing to do with Latitudes status and it's not something you can sign up for. It was totally unexpected but a very nice surprise!
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