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Originally Posted by Panda View Post
My husband and I are also considering work on a cruise ship. We are both personal trainers who have BA degrees in different fields that we no longer want to pursue, my husband has been working as a PT for a year now and I've recently got my full qualification .

Some site's members say we have a 1% chance of being on the same ship and others say we might get onto the same ship and we can always apply for a transfer if we don't but we might not even get a shared rooms ?? A lot of mixed info going around, so I suppose it depends on the company? Are there any married couples who could give some advice or share their experience?

We will have to invest a lot of money to make this work and it would be a game changer if we aren't able to be together at all, as we already went through 3 years of long distance during our relationship.

Thank you in advance.

The bulk of all the spa/gym operations on all the different cruise lines are sub contracted out to Steiners. There are a few exceptions but effectively they have a monopoly. To put it in basic terms they treat their staff atrociously, very low pay and some of the worst contract terms you will find on ships. Steiners have to pay towards their cabin whilst they are onboard, pay is commision based of which you will recieve a very small cut.Depending on the ship they may only have one instructor with the larger ships having two or three I think on the Allure and Oasis class.
Having seen how steiners treat their staff I honestly think they couldnt care less about having to make the effort to accomodate you together on a ship.
You could try applying anyway, the turnover is high and I know a few friends who left after significant cuts to their earning potential onboard.

I think there is another Spa company called Canyon Ranch, I think they do a few of the luxury cruise lines, don't know anything about them but may be worth investigating.
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