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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
How did your cruise go? Did hurrriicanes affect your cruise? Did you have any trouble boarding ship?
The cruise which left the week prior to ours on 8-16 was the only cruise affected. The ship was on the Kona side of the big island, Hawaii during the hurricane, and if don't think it even rained there. They did leave port early in Kauai and spent the second day at sea rather than the half day in port. I have not heard reports of rough seas, so not sure how that went.

It was business as usual when we boarded on 8-16. No difficulties and we encountered no rough seas. We took a small group tour in Hawaii out of Hilo and our tour guide lives very near the area which was hardest hit. We drove near there as we made our way to Volcanoes National Park and were able to see many downed trees from the road, and many were still without electricity. I saw a report that the POA had delivered a huge supply of bottled water when they called the week prior.

I am in awe of the huge and very beautiful trees they have in Hawaii. The trees we have here in the states are very small in comparison, even our bigger varieties. And that creates the problem, as they are shallow rooted and topple easily in hurricane winds.

We had fantastic weather, clear and sunny the entire trip. The only rain we got was a sprinkle here and there lasting a few seconds.
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