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Default How was the cruise?

Originally Posted by Travelbuggs View Post
And let's not forget the hurricane season also affects the Pacific and cruises which go down to Cabo and Mexican ports from there south all the way to Alcapulco.

We are scheduled to cruise the Hawaiian Islands on 8-16 and have been watching the hurricane coverage for Iselle and Julio with interest. 2 hurricanes back to back. Wow. So far our POA ship on this week's cruise is missing the second day in Kauai today, but otherwise unaffected. She is due back in Honolulu tomorrow with next week's cruise scheduled to depart Sat evening as scheduled. Hopefully that will be it for the season, and we will be in good shape for ours cruise the following week.
How did your cruise go? Did hurrriicanes affect your cruise? Did you have any trouble boarding ship?
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