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Originally Posted by jschrock86 View Post
Hi guys My name is Justin, I'm 27 years old and going on my first cruise !!! So excited....I wanted to go on a gay cruise however this is for a Christmas family reunion thing lol....going with the whole fam omg kill me now haha. But I was just wondering, any fellow gay travelers going to be aboard the
Norwegian Dawn for the week of Dec. 21-28th 2014? Looking for friends maybe some fun? Idk lol I normally don't do that but hey its a vacation right? lol . Please speak up I feel more comfortable with gay people than I do Breeders lol. I NEED GAY PEOPLE ON THIS SHIP PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP SO WE CAN MEET UP AND GO HAVE SOME FUN, LATE NIGHT DRINKS, Swims, Steams, and what ever else happens and if nothing in the "way" happens then its all good too. mainly want to meet new gay people to be my friend for the week abroad as none of my friends can attend . Please I cant go a whole week with out my gay family!!! HELP HELP HELP!!! Thanks and I hope there are a few of us going .
A group of friends and I will be going on the cruise the week before you do.. Dec. 14-21st 2014. It'll be my first cruise as well... I'm thinking there will be plenty of gays around everywhere.. I can't figure out how to find more people sailing on my cruise, any ideas?
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