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Thumbs down Highlands - Tatum Blvd, Phoenix

The ladies that schedule these presentations at the Highlands actually get a little rude when you call to cancel.

My reason to cancel was two-fold, and legit. My wife did have plans already set for Sunday when I went and double booked up us.

But after reading in a previous post that....

20830 North Tatum Blvd, Suite 125, Phoenix, AZ 85050

...was the Highlands Resort scam address...that sent off the warning light above my head.

I told the lady we had other plans, and after a little research I think this is a scam and we were not going to participate. That offended her and she became extremely defensive. More warning lights! Desperation set in on her side. She went on and on about the Highlands being in biz for 10 years, and associated with a Sedona resort. Eventually I told her in a non-threatening, nonchalant way...."Ya know, I kinda do enjoy coming to these presentations and F&^%ing with people who sell this stuff, but I don't want to waste anyone's time."

THAT really offended her. So I guess this scam is hiring cotton eared church ladies to set appointments. She wanted to know if I "kiss my wife with that mouth." I told yes I do and she likes it.

She hung up.

If this were a reputable firm I would not have talked to her like that. But if this were a reputable firm I doubt she would have responded the way she did - and then hung up.

That confirms it in my mind. SCAM + SCUM = Stay Away!!!
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