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Thumbs down Working for Steiner all you need to know

Im going to list good and bad on my experience
steiner something you have to do, something you will end up to hate

Firstly I went to college for 2 years to get my level 3 and seen a girl who applied for steiner here i found it a great idea for me, so after 2 years it was finally my turn, my turn to leave after all my friends have left for uni. mum spent loads on helping me get to steiner, you dont get paid while your in london and i was there for a month so lucky you dont pay for your food in the YMCA. only had to pay for breakfast and lunch in the academy. alot hate the academy but i loved it this is because i love what i do, i went to do facials/beauty therapy. and a lot mention about the teaching, to me it was fine a lot of friendly staff. there was 2 that was miserable and a bit strict.. but isnt there always in school or college? but uch they made me angry inside dont speak to me like that please hmm you do get told to get more make up on and lipstick sometimes not always in a bad way. one teacher did go around the class individually saying more lipstick your eyeshadow is messy and she said to me i dont know what is going on with your hair.. my hair was good everyday it was cause i had just had a massage that it went messy and had a bit of oil in it.
uniform was a pain. its white and you go to the academy so early in the morn and by the time you get home and had some food its nearly 7oclock, i used to wash my uniform in the sink, and it would dry by the morn waiting for the washing machine was a joke and only did it once. i shared a room with 3 girls the room was fine to me 4 mirrors and 3 sinks but some where not as nice we where lucky. all we did was laugh and revise all night getting angry that we didnt know all the ingredients in most of the products haha.
for food in the academy was nice, bp cheese and beans or a paini yum, YMCA to me was fine ALOT complain about this, it made me bloat like bad but im not one to complain about food, it just didnt taste as nice as home thats all.
4 weeks later of revising massage and facials oh and no money! it was finally my turn to leave, i left 2 days after i found out and was so nervous! yey finally about to follow my dream
so I arrived on my ship with 1 other girl i was so lucky to be with her, our manager met us and showed us to our cabins, they were tiny!!! i knew they wer but towards the end it got annoying no space for clothes or to move, some are big tho i was a bit unlucky here. got to the spa to find out we had to manage our own column there was already 2 other facialists so i didnt stand a chance to do what i loved the most unless i went out and proved myself i could get my own clients and good retail it was impossible tho as i was in a triangle where if i werent getting any clients cause the manager would but them in other therapists columns cause they had good retail then i couldnt get good retail either or re bookings! i can see her point cause she had targets and money to make, but for me this was annoying it was my dream to work on a ship i never have got complaints either so i and others where made to be on the 'side' like cleaning and promoting for ages 2 and a half hours sometimes, and yes this was for 14hr a day think about it, and there was no going home you never left ha! i have spider veins from this and my calves where so bad when i was in my treatment room i used to sit down and have 5 mins to my self cause it hurt haha sounds stupid but it felt i had been cycling for hours.
14hr shifts where a killer i heard on different ships you work different times ours was half 7 until half 9, sometimes this was ridiculous as for example formal nights there will be no guests and the last guest would have been in at 5 or 6 and your there until half 9 along with the rest of the 12 staff doing nothing but clean. yes a spa should be spotless but we had to clean like stupid for example if it was quiet we would deep clean your room for an hour and if you didnt have a client the next morn this would be in your column again i mean didnt i just clean my room last night?

looking at all the places i could go before i left was amazing look at all the places i am going!!! which was good dont get me wrong better than sitting at home on a cold morning but to find out you need a taxi to get to the actual place or city was annoying and sometimes cost a bit, obv some ports werent like this and could just get straight off. this dont seem a problem i no but when you work 14hr a day with 1.5 days off a week and you a off on a port day and need to travel far to get somewhere nice and be back in work for half 2 cause you only have a half a day off it was annoying specially when you didnt port until like 10 sometimes upsetting. when you had a full day off it was the best thing ever!
there was group A and group B, so that means port days wer split up so not every port day did you get off, this was hard for me as i knew when it was a port day i wouldnt get a clients cause those with higher retail would get them so i used to be a bit like hmm no point me being in the spa today so i just stare out the window all day and wish i was out side. i did some amazing things that i wouldnt even afford if i was at home and there would be no one to do it with me. so that was good, money wasnt good 1000 a month thats 700 a month in english just about so thats like 2 pound something an hour so you needed all the commission you could get! but you always had money if you get me cause you werent spending it not everyday you can buy a expensive watch, handbag and send money home for your holiday right?

overall, go for it if beauty is what you love or massage, hairdressing or fitness, its a life time opp just remember you put a lot of money into this and it does stress you out, you dont have enough time for your self and your eyebrows get bushy, you havent shaved your legs in a while, yes there is targets to make your manager may push you and ask WHYYY and feel upset and useless but you will never see them again right? i did and soled what i wanted i only did a certain amount cause i wasnt getting paid and treated good enough. its 9 months of your life you dont like it then come home, life is good and bad on the ship but everyone is soo nice and you make great friends who stick by you everyday and crew bar is great up until 3 in the morn with a massive headache in the morn but sometimes you cant make it cause your sooooo tired.
steiners made me upset and angry words cant explain it through here im frustrated and hurt. its not a dream but it has become an achievement, yes i did it! not every day you go to some of the places i went to such beautiful sites just not enough time. on there website it says steiner you can travel the world.. but as soon as you arrive to the spa it is YOU are here to work haha. you repeat yourself like mad, hi my name is.. where are you from.. this is the frangnani oil... who are you here with.. you cruised before. i was going crazy!! good luck to everyone its a weird life onboard but remember 9 months of your life why not experience it just remember its a money making company id love to change the rules!!

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