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Originally Posted by Lakers Fan View Post
We research every area we cruise to in advance .We don't want to spend ship time figuring out what to do when we are in port .

We board with our notes ,maps ,etc .
You are one step ahead of many travelers.
Another suggestion:

SMART PHONES & TABLETS are the key to having everything at your finger tips.
Using a smart phone (minimum of 2-core processor) enables you to check-in with a BAR CODE and eliminates printing your airline ticket.
You can also remove the SIM Card & use as a internet devise exclusively while over seas or the Caribbean using free WiFi provided at places like coffee shops. NOTE: AT&T & T-MOBILE have smart phones with the ability to change a SIM card, which can be used outside the USA.

SPECIAL NOTICE: All Countries require two addition devices to operate your US phone/tablet, A regulator to reduce the voltage/cycles & adaptor to fit into the plug-outlet.

Walmart sells a complete kit includes 3 or 4 Continents for about $20

Sprint & Verizon are two US carriers that are not compatible outside the USA, you must verify with your carrier. The US virgin Islands, Alaska & Puerto Rico are often included with many current US plans, always verify.

Using your smart phone to access the internet will allow you to perform many functions including the following:

GOOGLE TRANSLATE will allow you to speak into your smart device and it will write in the language of your choice & provides audio too. This can also be reversed to read & listen to the foreign language allowing you to effectively speak or write to a foreigner.

The GOOGLE MAPS application will allow you to use the GPS feature and locate everything from restaurant, public transportation, hotels ect. then direct you to that specific locations with detailed directions either walking, driving, bicycle or bus with bus number.

Getting back to the original post.

The following information should be researched well in advance and printed for use while ashore.

1) Public transportation with maps.
2) Museums, Galleries & monuments.
3) Churches, famous buildings & architectural structures, such as bridges, especially in Europe.
4) Events and national holidays.
5) Tours
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