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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
I would suggest you all re-read what you and many others say which is what pees me off.

To paraphrase you all - "the new ships should come to the U.S. first and the older ships should go somewhere else. The American's ports are better and we deserve everything first."

Well, no you don't - there are other places in the world outside the U.S.
You're trying to turn this in to a US vs. world pissing match! Nobody said that. What many of are saying is that with Quantum the hype was directed at the North East market. Now after a few months the ship that was suppose to be home ported in NJ/NY is going to China. Not everybody booked thinking they would have a few years to sail on her. Many of us were looking forward to taking a second cruise on this beautiful ship. Now she going elsewhere.

I don't expect the US to get ALL the new ships. But seeing's where the majority of the market is here it makes sense that the majority of new ship should be as well. NOT ALL.

Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Paul, every report except CLIA says just under 5% of Americans and Canadians have ever sailed.
The population of the US is 320,000,000 . 5% = 16,000,000. There would have to be a tremendous amount of repeat cruisers!!!

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