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It's a big world out there and the Asian market has a growing, untapped, middle class. You go where the people and the money are.

Shanghai's new, Wusongkou, cruise terminal will easily handle the capacity and the largest of ships. I also think there was a good financial incentive from China to Royal Caribbean to do this. Hong Kong's newer and larger, Kai Tak cruise terminal is now completed and will accommodate the largest ships and at a greater rate than the old terminal.

Singapore's new terminal is also beautiful and huge allowing it to also handle a high volume of passengers and the newest ships.

China and Asia are making the investment to bring in the newer and larger ships. They have previously been serviced by Star Cruises, MSC and Costa. This market also was the home for "smaller" ships and gambling was a major draw. The growing middle class now wants to experience true cruising and they want to be entertained and transported with the state of the art ships. Only time will tell if Asia's investment will pay off. It looks like that, at least in the short term, it is.

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