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We get these checks at my house all the time as well, and I personally always toss them, because at the very least what will happen if you call them is they will ask you for a lot of personal information - including a credit card number (to "secure" the cruise reservation which you have not made yet).

They will tell you are responsible for any additional fees (port taxes, sales taxes. etc) and then also offer you upgrades (at a price). There will be blackout dates when you are not allowed to travel.

What they do is play a phone tag waiting game with you where the "free" cruise is never quite available, but if you want to book another date and accommodations, they can do that. The trick is that they will already have your cash deposit, which may be non-refundable. Most people eventually walk away which is what they are hoping you will do.

It just turns into a big waste of time -
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