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I think this could be a good thing depending on the type of excursion you are looking to book. We personally like active excursions, but are going on a cruise with friends who like to just hang out on the beach. So, we found an excursion to a resort that includes lunch and drinks for the day. I was able to find it online about $22 cheaper than what Carnival offers it for. That's a win for us! In the past we've booked snorkeling excursions for ourselves and our 4 children. It was just the 6 of us and a guide. Our trip was twice as long as the ship's excursion, the guide geared everything to our children and we got lunch for about 20 p.p less. Oh, and the ship's tour had two guides for about 25 people. I felt we scored a huge deal on that one. Yes, we did pay $40 for a taxi, but we still came out $60 ahead...more actually because it was much more informative for the kids. In that instance I would never have booked through the cruiseline. Price match or not.
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