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Thanks, Kuki!

I realized I left out the word 'not' in my first sentence - made the change in my comment as I really don't this will affect my clients.

As was stated in the story, Carnival has seen a big decrease in the number of excursions booked through them. More and more people are realizing there are better, cheaper, less crowded, and more fun ways to do excursions. They're using their agents and the internet to find these independent companies and word is getting around that the ones offered by the cruise lines are not as exclusive as people use to believe.

Plus, with all the information available on the internet, people are finding out that the misinformation about independent excursions, saying how unsafe they are and how if you're late you'll miss the ship, just really isn't true. So now, more than ever, people are booking independent excursions with confidence and word has gotten around about how great they are.

For example, just had a client come back from a cruise last week that included Belize. They did the cave tubing excursion through our vendor and their group of 5 were the only ones on the excursion. Needless to say, they had a wonderful experience and had to laugh when they saw the cruise line's excursion that had 25 people all in disarray.

So I agree this won't have too much of an impact on who books excursions through the cruise line or not. As I said, I think it's just a media ploy to garner press. Might encourage a few budget-minded people, but I also don't think it'll have much of an impact one way or another.

After all, as was also pointed out in the story, most of the excursions offered by the cruise line and independents are very similar in price anyway. And I believe people who do their research ahead of time will realize it's just not worth it for what they have to give up to get it.

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