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I'm a mature female who started actively looking for cabin mate last week this past August for Carnival cruise out of NYC (my hometown). Caught ad by first-time F cruiser, also NYC resident. She was much younger than myself. But I emailed her anyhow. Things moved pretty fast as I was eyeing an Oct. 8 cruise. After two emails, we chatted on phone coupla times. Few days later, we met at Barnes & Noble, where we sealed the deal for Oct. 8 Carnival Splendor sailing. She was thrilled that she too would benefit from my past-guest discounted fare. It turned out to be a glorious cruise! Though younger, our high energy levels were totally in sync. She fit my very specific parameters which I outlined in my email reply to her ad (i.e. non-snorer, non-smoker, social drinker, independent, upbeat, clean & respectful). I pride myself (as former journalist) in being a quick study of character. And I wasn't wrong. She was everything a cabin buddy should be. We did all our excursions together. It was fun showing a "newbie" cruiser the ropes around the ship. After a few days, she let loose and went on her own exploring. Met for dinner, show, comedy clubs afterwards. I think it's important to trust your instincts, whether on phone or in-person. Be upfront (before signing up for cruise) as to what your deal-breakers are (for me, No. 1 dealbreaker was "non-snoring, non-smoking" factors). It worked out well that she too lives in NYC like me (so, for example, she shared the same dry ironic sense of humor a la Saturday Night Live). We laughed up a storm. Humor is important to have on a cruise, as stuff happens, and laughter can save the day. I am very happy to have met my cabin mate on this site. It's my first time, and I'm already looking for next March/April.
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