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I wanted to share my experience. I am from Panama and once applied to work for Carnival Cruise Lines back in 2000. I was told that you could apply to work on one of the gift stores there were in the cruises. I was excited when I Heard the news about been accepted. Had to pay for my plane ticket and visa arrangements and was offer a contract to be paid USD550.00 a month. After one day in Miami I was assigned to work for Carnival Triumph. When I got there instead of working on the gift stores it turned out I was instead hired to work at the Storerooms carrying food cases up and down and distributing food to the different áreas of the ship. I also was given a broom and asked to literally clean up an entire área. I have nothing against that type of job if that is what you apply for, but the fact that I was mislead, had to spend money of my own on a plane ticket for a job that was never the one I applied had me so dissapointed that I went over to the captain and quit right away, since we had already departed I had to wait until the ship had returned back to Miami to get on a plane back home, I was escorted out of the ship and assigned a personal escort so I did not try to "escape" and remain in the US illegally. I felt pretty much like a criminal. Also, it turned out that my salary was not even USD550 but USD500 even though I had the employment letter that stated it. I found out from other peers that gift shop or other type of non manual labour is reserved for either American or European citizens, not to hispanics or asians. I have actually been a passenger since those days on 4 different cruises and confirmed that still today, it is very hard to see blacks, hispanic or asian people hired for the entertainment or gift shops áreas, even though like in my case, there are a lot of people who are well prepared in customer service and bilingual but would not find an opportunity. As a matter of fact most of the cruise ship companies hire other companies to subcontract the staff and they are given only specific áreas to hire, most of them only F & B. Thanks for the opportunity to place this post.
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