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I think that some people decide to become attached to one cruise line. Whatever the reason, they will tell everyone that their cruise line is the best. Almost a made up elitist attitude. Then, they feel guilty about it if they end up sailing on a different line. I have one friend who actually got angry with me because I go on whatever cruise line has the itinerary, price and size that I am looking for (I can't physically handle the mega ships, but wish I could). She thought I was foolish or maybe even evil for not going on her cruise line of choice. When she said she liked the perks of loyalty and she mention free appetizers, I couldn't help myself. Why on earth would anyone choose a cruise on the basis of extra free food? I didn't say that, though. I can use tact when needed. But, I did laugh out loud. Probably worse, but I just couldn't hold it in.
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