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You never know what is going to happen with machinery--a car is simply a piece of machinery all painted up and designed to get us there and back--a ship is just a floating piece of machinery designed to get us there and back-- in style and comfort, but still just a floating piece of machinery. Recently my car broke down--I put it in the garage--the next day my wife's car broke down-- had 2 cars in the same garage and 2 rentals all at the same time-- talk about some luck !
But, if one knew what the future was going to be, I guess one could make a fortune telling fortunes !

Aero Girl, if your Carnival cruise isn't until December you shouldn't lose any money and I know you had previously mentioned RCCL-- Seriously you might think about giving them another shot--I really love RCCL and especially the newer and larger class of ships--I bet it would be entirely different than your first cruise with them--I'm glad we decided to retry them again after our first cruise on their Grandeur of the Seas.---Just a thought.

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