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Port Canaveral is on the East coast of Florida. Sea World is near the port of Tampa on the Gulf side, the west coast of Florida. As you know the other is in Orlando. I am not aware of any busses going back and forth. There are some private shuttles from the airport you could hire, but I dont know if you can get them to drop you off other places.

There are rental cars at the port. Are you flying in or how are you getting to the port in the first place? If you are flying in .. arent you flying into Orlando?

Rental cars would be your cheapest option. Id say your one hour option is using the toll roads only and to the closest part of Orlando .. not going to the far western area like where Disney is. I would plan on more than one hour each way, plus time for parking and all. In fact Id stay a night in Orlando if I wanted to do something in Orlando and then make my way to the East Coast. I dont think Id spend the time driving from Port Canaveral to the west coast of florida and then all the way back in the same day, plus sea world. I prefer busch gardens over there myself, but thats me. Sea world isnt worth that much of a drive .. been there in Florida already.

Good luck whichever your choice. How many in your party .. more people cheaper shuttle price. I dont have a flat pp price, but a shuttle could easily run you $100.

As someone who lived in S. Florida, these are just my opinions. And that a rental car would be your cheapest option to get exactly where you want.
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