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Just a thought--Last night we had that restaurant in K.C. MO. blow up--1 or 2 killed--over a dozen in hospital--I never saw hordes of reporters such as Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Ashley Banfield and others (all who spent so much time beating this Triumph thing to death,) rushing to K.C . to get close ups of the debris, interviewing people, etc. If a portion of a cruise ship had blown up and one or two killed, they would have been on it like bark on a tree.
I simply do not understand why they zero in on the cruise industry like a swarm of hungry vultures when some little thing happens. The only thing it can be is money--so far, the legal thieves, A.K.A. lawyers, have been unable to crack open the vault to the cruise lines money but they keep chipping away. I honestly think that the cruise lines should add an extra form to their ticket contract stating---
I know I am going an a ship---Yes__ No_
I realize a ship is a piece of machinery and can malfunction Yes_ No_
I realize the ship will be on the ocean--Yes_ No_
I realize the ship floats and the ship will move with the water Yes_ No_
I realize the cruise line cannot control the weather and rough seas may be encountered sometimes---Yes_ No_
I have read and understand the above and wish to go--Yes_ No_
Signed ______ Date____
Witnessed and Notarized by____ this date of __
Just my humble thoughts, which of course mean nothing to anyone but me, but in my opinion, the cruise lines need to stop backing up and step up and fight some of this bull crap--they have video, I'm sure they could release that would very most likely show some passengers doing some very
undesirable things while on this particular cruise.
Maybe they eventually will gain some back bone--lets hope so.
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