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Default Port Canaveral parking

It seems that Port Canaveral is moving to shut down off site parking lots because they are "to cheap compared to the Port pricing". So they have passed a moratorium preventing companies from delivering passengers to or from the off site lots. Even if you call a cab on your own they are not allowed to pick you up and take you to the port or they will be fined and their permit revoked. This will eventually force you to only use the Port for parking at $15 to $18 dollars that will be 3 night equals 4 days parking charge. Talk about BS the Port made $10 million dollars in parking in 2011 and over $11 million in just parking fees in 2012. So with the cruise industry cutting prices to get people to cruise the Ports are increaseing their prices. As of today parking at the Port could cost you as much as 1/3 of the cost of your trip. The port already charges the cruise ship company a fee for each passenger to come and go from the port this is a hidden charge it comes out of your ticket price. Oh yeah you still have to drag your bags half way around the world. Typical government thinking here competition is bad for business, so stop it.
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