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I'm pretty sure you are not allowed to leave it outside the cabin in the hallway. Not saying people follow the rules...but I know its against the rules to leave handicapped carts outside in the halls, so Im thinking strollers would have the same rules.

The cabin stewards have their carts parked outside in the halls a lot of the time.. and mostly just where you have to get past them you might have to wait and go single file past those carts.

I really dont see any problem myself. It can be a pain to wait for elevators, after a show or after muster. I travelled with my sister who is HC and we had to take the elevators, so I know it can be a pain to wait. If there is a crowd and you are not by the door people will rush past you, even if they know you have been waiting longer than them. Ive waited 10 minutes while people rushed the elevators after muster, they dont care, they want to be first.

Just be patient though.. and you will be fine.
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