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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
Just got back from 30days(Panama canal and then Alaska) with the same roomie.

#1 Tip, find out if they snore even if your a sound sleeper! Dude was somewhere between a bear and a jetplane, and then gasped as if dieing. I don't snore so it didn't occur to me to ask, information that you should share if you know though!

Although I could have afforded it alone I probably would have only done the alaska portion solo. Would never cruise with this person again but I don't regret it. Fantastic trip, just ignored each other for the most part.

Will my next trip be solo? Probably, though if cost was a big issue I'd consider it. Just do some due diligence and ask questions beforehand. Worst case scenario there are 1999 other people to make friends with.

Happy sailing!
Your cabin mate concealed the offensive condition that directly affected your entire cruise.

This was deliberate and outright dishonest in every aspect of a share basis.

Cruise mates should have a questionnaire for each person to complete in order to post on this section.

Let the Cruise mates and publisher design a questionnaire.

The subjects are countless:
Smokers, existing diseases, prescription drug no prescription drug users, identifying a casual drinker from drunks, snorers, night owls, morning people, foodies, chewing tobacco so on.

General rules can include:
Identify what is aggressive behavior, disrespectful actions, respect of religious views and conduct with practice, political preference and identifying a debate from an argument.

The questionnaire should address all physical and mental disabilities including and not limited to medical conditions and mobility.

Maybe you might think twice before taking on a cabin mate.
Are you really saving money or spending money to be trapped in a cabin with somebody you are miserable with.
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