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You may not find all the groups on your sailing, but trust me there will definitely be groups - I can almost guarantee that with 100% certainty. There may only be small groups like a family reunion or there could be large groups that you can't find on the internet, but there will be groups - just a matter of how many and how big.

As for the ship inspections and as blueliner pointed out, they limit the number of agents so they are not overly intrusive on the guests. Having been on dozens of these, I can tell you they normally bring the agents onboard before general boarding begins so they can tour all the various categories of cabins & suites while they are vacant. Then they'll have lunch, which can sometimes be in the buffet area, but most of the time consists of a private meal in the dining room - again, so as not to intrude on the guests. Following lunch, they usually provide some additional time for the TA's to roam the ship so they can see the public areas, but now they are no longer in larger groups and are usually just 2 to 4 people walking around.

Since most ships now do not allow guests to enter their cabins until around 1:30, ship visitations rarely impact upon the guests.

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