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Default Time well spent..

Out of 25 cruises (in 6 years, yes, that many per year), mostly on Carnival, I've had 12 different roomies, all but 3 have been repeat cabinmates

I have been physically intimate with 3 of my cabinmates (oh don't get all huffed and bow up on me, you're all thinking it)
, one was my wife (married at the time, first and only cruise with her), one my intended, (apparently "un" intended) and another simply because we both wanted to (and "could")
We parted friends, and have stayed that way
Doing the math? 2 of the latter were of the former

Why is this?
Mostly, because I'm polite, informed, intelligent, an excellent conversationalist, easy to look at, experienced, and quite witty (I enjoy making folks laugh)
You can take a break and "barf" now

I'm not conceited, nor arrogant, and of course have little worry about most of the folks that will read this (while many of you have been correcting grammatical errors/posting concerns about being thrown overboard/mega decibel snoring/ etc...
"I" have been on 4 cruises "this" year, another in Sept, and 4 booked for next year!

The "I would never share a cabin with someone I don't know" type:
they usually fall into two category's :
1. really beautiful people, totally faithful, probably Catholic, perhaps bi polar, quite possibly in ineffective therapy

B. Insecure, selfish, low self esteem.
Living vicariously through online posts

Come on people!
Get out there and take a walk!
Seriously, when is the last time you really "actually" heard of a bad thing happening to someone whom answered a cruise mate post?

Gals: lighten the F up! Yes, you have "ONE" of the treasures, just like every other gal on the planet (yours isn't better by the way, although you might be)

Guys: Respect the gals, just because they post on this site, doesn't mean "it's" available to the highest bidder
And gals, yes, you are all beautiful, ask your girlfriends, they will concur

Thankfully, I just really like to cruise, and there are "few" that cruise as much as I do, so no arguments from the "casual" cruiser, dig?

A very frustrating site this is!
I get many responses that echo "I don't think I'm up to your standards"
?? Wow, you can't breathe? Talk?

"I'm not that active" ?
Meaning? What? You can't get out of bed without help? (not interested if I have to pay full fare)

Fun people have already quit reading this
YOU should try being FUN (your life doesn't have to suck)
32 cruises since 2005
Scuba diver (PADI)
178 days on Carnival - Cubic Zirconia Level
21 Princess

"You may have less scars, but I'll have better stories"

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