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Default Did you cruise with a cabin mate of the opposite sex? how did that work out?

I am curious if anyone here found a cabin mate to share a cruise with that was a member of the opposite sex? A lot of nice people on this board but how comfortable is it sharing a cabin with someone you don't really know that is opposite sex?

I have had roommates that were male (I am female) and sharing a home was no problem, but a 265 sq. ft. cabin is another story. Been on 9 cruises so I know I love them and yes, I do spend time in the cabin. I am debating on whether I could be comfortable with a male that I don't really know. 7 Day cruises are easy, but how about a longer cruise?? 30 nights? that is a long time to be sharing a cabin with someone you didn't know.

So how about it folks? let's hear from you!
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