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This is a hard question to answer. It really depends on what your family likes to do.

If your family likes going to the beach, snorkeling, diving or relaxing I would suggest a Western Caribbean cruise. You can also see some great Mayan ruins on many of these itineraries. There is also some good shopping in Cozumel.

If your family is more into shopping then an Eastern Caribbean cruise is an option. There are still great beaches in St. Thomas and Grand Turk that will provide you with a great beach experience.

If you like history and old world charm then a European cruise may be just up your alley.

You can also go exotic and cruise to Asia and Australia.

If your family is into natural beauty, mountains, glaciers and wild life, Alaska is a great choice.

If you can tell us more about what you and your family like to do then we can give you a better recommendation. One great thing about cruising is that there is an itinerary and ship for just about anyone.

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