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Seabourn and it's new parent company HAL both have the same passenger safety drill policy and the same procedures.
They both announce several times before the drill that EVERYONE must attend the drill. Anyone not attending cannot sail.
Then they announce several times that anyone feeling ill should contact the front desk to inform the staff that they will not be attending the drill.

So the woman claimed that she did not hear the announcements about the drill, but then stated that her husband was attending the drill???
Did he hear the announcement?
If he didn't, how did he know to go?
Wouldn't you expect that he might have mentioned something to his wife?
This story doesn't really smell very good.

On my ship, we have a dozen or so passengers every week who claim to be ill so they do not have to attend the safety drill.
Unfortunately, those "ill" passengers are sitting in the bar, having cocktails.

Martin Luther King had a great quote:
"American is a 7 day country".
He claimed that everyone in America remembers something - and usually gets all excited about it- for a maximum 7 days. Then they forget about it completely and move to a new subject.

Safety drills fall into that category.

Ask any passenger - at any point in the cruise - to tell you his muster station number. 9 out or 10 have no idea what you are talking about.
5 out of 10 cannot even tell you the name of the ship they are traveling on.

Last week on my ship, over half the passengers rated the shore tender services as "Poor".
We don't have any tender services on this itinerary.
When I asked one of the passengers why he had rated it poor, he replied that he didn't know what tendering is, so decided to rate it poor anyway.
When you are dealing with large numbers of people who have left their brains at home, it becomes even more important to treat them like children, in the interests of safety.
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