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I hate to fly and so we've taken the train (Amtrak) several times to our cruise port. We've always gotten a sleeper...but there are some caveats. Try not to get a sleeper over the wheels! You'll feel the trains rocking movements more. Meals are usually included with a Sleeper and are not bad...but be SURE your Car Attendant doesn't forget you, or for breakfast you will wined up with one slice of bacon, an egg and maybe no toast.

In the Sleeper there is also a toilet/shower that is nice because it's private. The Attendant's also supply some nice toilet amenities. There is a shared 'car' toilet and 'car' shower for the smaller sleepers. Not bad, except it's not as convenient if you have to go and someone else is in there.

The Attendants try to keep passengers entertained...on the West coast run, there is WiFi, movies and games.

It's an experience for sure. We met several pleasant couples who were going to the same cruise port as we were but different ships. They hated to fly too!
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