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Breaking News:

Seabourn will give a refund to the couple bounced off of Sojourn for missing a boat drill.

Travel Agent Steve Shulem just told CruiseMates that the couple that was just left in Lisbon by the captain of the Seabourn Sojourn will get a refund they for number of days they will miss on the cruise they had planned.
The elderly couple (husband 90, wife 84) was ejected from Sojourn on May 12 in Lisbon, Portugal, against their will when the wife claimed she was too ill to attend the second boat drill of her trip. The couple was warned that they would be put off the ship if she did not comply, but the woman still refused to budge. As a result, when the husband returned from the drill, which he did attend, he found staff members already packing his and her clothes so they could be put off the ship.

Shulem says that he spoke personally to Seabourn president Rick Meadows and that Seabourn had thought about the issue and decided a compromise was in the best interest of everyone. The exact refund will be the per diem amount of the cost of the cruise for the number of days the couple will not be on the ship.

In addition - Shulem once again reiterated the importance of getting the word out that cruise lines are cracking down on safety in all respects and that includes the passenger conduct. "When it comes to cruise ship safety, passengers are going to have to realize that they are now part of the process. They have the responsibility to do their part to make and keep cruise ships safer."
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