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Originally Posted by Driversed28 View Post
One of these days one of you may end up with a condition that leaves you unsightly in some way...then maybe you will realize how you sound now.
I am very sorry that you have that condition and I can only imagine how hard it is for you to read these posts. KUDOS to you for living life to the fullest.

The truth is that there may be a multitude of reasons a person is overweight, including physical, psychological, or psychological issues.

The problem is that many overweight people are that way simply because they eat too much. Why would anyone want to take a financial hit (airlines) or be incredibly uncomfortable for hours (passengers) just to support someones unhealthy bad habit? Not me!

We face these issues many times in our society. Look at Welfare. I have NO problem having a social safety net, it is actually good for society. I DO have a problem with giving money or food to those who could work for themselves.

So - how do we differentiate between the folks that are obese because they overeat and those that have medical problems? Why not a card or notice from a doctor that would be honored by the airlines?
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