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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
But isnt that a good thing to be a little more prepared and a little less trusting? Not to the point where it would consume your thinking tho.But just to the point where if there was an emergency and the system failed you would have a least some idea what to do and have a plan of your own?
I was a full trust person, thinking nothing will ever happen. My awareness of changes in the normal flow of things will likely bring questions in my mind. When I'm in the low decks, specifically in a porthole cabin, how would I react to the noises of anchors and thruster sounds now. Before, I knew those sounds meant coming into port and never gave it a thought. Now, I would hear and feel the difference and hope that the ship was coming to port, as that is what usually wakes me. I would be reassured only when I peeked out the window.
Has this event affected me? Of course. Will it prevent me from cruising? No. It will raise my awareness of things though. I know the Concordia was an isolated event, but it's an event that should never have occurred. But, since it has happened, the positive outcome of it all is it woke us all up to not be so trusting, that we must develop our own plan to not trap ourselves in a potentially dangerous situation.
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