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I'm not a big fan but it's probably because I can't shake my Minnesotan stereotyping of Norwegians. (BTW, I have a strong Norwegian/Swedish heritage)

When I think "Cruise Like a Norwegian" I automatically envision a buffet that is a "potluck supper" with many different types of "hotdish" and all of them made with cream of mushroom soup. The dessert station is nothing but different types of "bars" and the only fish available in the dining room is cod or pickled herring.

All of the pools are covered because no one wants to get too much sun and everyone is named Ole and Lena. There are also discounts for being military, senior or Lutheran.

Instead of automatic gratuities they'll pass the jar at the end of the cruise and everyone will put in what they feel is fair. The cabin stewards won't have as much to do because everyone will make their own beds and straighten up their own rooms. Many of the passengers would also offer to help the stewards so the stewards could join the nightly Eucher card game. There will also be less for the dishwashers and waiters to do because the passengers feel they are "company" and should help clean up the table and at least dry the dishes.

I know stereotypes aren't good but, sometimes, you just can't shake them.

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