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The last time the airlines lowered their weight limits (it used to be 60 pounds) the "big" bag I'd been using got retired and I bought a fairly expensive set with a smaller check-in bag, two successively smaller bags, and a tote. All but the tote were wheeled. The first time I used them, the large bag arrived at my cabin with one of the "feet" broken off. There was no way to tell whether it had happened on the flight, the transfer, or the ship. When I eventually got home, I sent it off to the manufacturer for repairs. Next trip, one side got a nasty cut; back to the manufacturer. Third trip, two zipper tags got pulled off, one of them in the process ruining the zipper, and the frame got bent. I gave up (besides, it was no longer under warrantee.) Now I use a cheap check-in bag bought at Wal-mart that I figured to treat as part of the cost of the cruise; but it's been on two long cruises and one short one already, and is half-packed for the next one. By the way, once I gave up on the good bag I tried to intentionally break a foot off of it, and short of using a hacksaw I'll be darned if I can figure out how they did it.
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