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If I book my excursions through Princess. As a travel agent myself, I know where to find the great suppliers so it is mostly a matter of figuring out what to do where. Being that I have a guarantee, there is always the possibility of a free upgrade as well. I do highly recommend the Bon Voyage Experience program to those who have never sailed Princess. You certainly get a taste of Princess(and it does taste good), without having to commit to a cruise. That is why I decided on Princess this time actually. Between the cost of the Bon Voyage Experience as a cruise credit applied to the booking and being thoroughly impressed with the line, it made sense to go with Princess. Given the timing I had available it was either a Mexican Riviera or Eastern Caribbean, and the Mexican Riviera seemed more interesting considering I have previously done a Caribbean(Western last time) cruise, and Caribbean is pretty much offered year round by most lines where Mexico is generally more seasonal for some odd reason(same reason I can't figure out why most lines see Hawaii as a seasonal offering).

Need some cruise help?
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