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Default Steiner Spa

I had the most unpleasant experiences at Steiner Spa on my recent Princess Cruise ( I have to say that prior to that time I had been on two royal caribbean cruises and the experience, each time, with Steiner was much better.)

This time it seemed that the sole purpose of a spa treatment was to provide a forum for the staff to pressure you (and I mean HIGH PRESSURE) into purchasing hundreds of dollars of products. Now I happen to like Steiner products and have even ordered them after my cruises in the past, but this time I didn't want anything. The woman who did my facial was visably angry that I wasn't purchasing anything (the facial itself was excellent - too bad the experience was spoiled by what followed). The Masseuse (massage just so/so) kept me for 15 minutes after my treatment to try to sell me products. she literally blocked the door. I was very late because she was 20 minutes delayed in starting my treatment and now kept me even longer. NO was not in her vocabulary.

A vacation is supposed to be relaxing. A spa treatment is supposed to enhance that, not detract from that. Horrible experience. My sister, her husband and my husband (I am female, in spite of the name) had the same experience. The more aggressive one has to be with the staff the less pleasant the whole experience becomes. Take a lesson from Estee Lauder (Red Door) leave the suggested products at the checkout desk with a note and let the patron decide without pressure.

Cruise ships beware --- keep this up and you will loose more than you will make. Sub contract to someone else or set your own standards.
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