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Default Sweet Helen

This is Marc's wife Arlene. I have been thinking about Ray and Helen all day today and know that she will be greatly missed. When I saw this thread for memories of Helen I just had to post.

About 5 or 6 years ago when Marc and I still lived in Florida, we had Ray and Helen and Gaile and Harry over for dinner. Our house had glass front doors and it was warm and humid outside. We had all the lights on inside while it had gotten dark out. When everyone was getting ready to leave I looked at the front door and saw about 10 of those frogs with those little suction feet stuck all over the front door. Needless to say that when we opened the door and were saying goodnight one jumped into the house. I was absolutely dreading chasing it down and catching it so I could toss it back outside. Helen took one look at my face and in that sweet wonderful voice of hers said "Oh Honey I've lived in the tropics, I'll go get it" and she did!! Just walked over and picked it up and then walked over and tossed it outside! I will never forget it.... It seems nothing ever fazed her! She was such a lady. I know I will never meet anyone quite like her and I know she will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

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