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Originally Posted by robh View Post
It will be interesting to see if Princess will issue the published fine to a person breaking the rules of smokimg in areas deemed out of bounds.

Compared to one of my UK boards this thread is quite quiet on the issue of smoking on deck, in a lounge or second hand smoke and trying to accomodate smokers who are also just like us, cruisers.

One thing for sure is that time changes people's attitudes.
Somehow I think they'll at first give them a verbal warning, even though I wouldn't, seeing that they'll have it posted in all the cabins quite clearly. It should be easy to spot an offender just by walking down the hallway & catching a smell of smoke through the door vent. The balcony is another situation, since at night it becomes almost impossible to tell where the smell is coming from and I'm sure there will be people sneaking a smoke from time to time.
Everything considered, it's got to be better than in the past when at time we couldn't sit on the balcony for any amount of time without getting smoked out.
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