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I am afraid that I cant really add anything to this question comparing Seabourns new ships with Marina as I have never seen any of them! Poor Granny seems to keep booking the smaller ships. I suppose one day I will manage to actually board one of the new ones....probably when they are "old" ones!
I am sure "luxury" means something different to everyone. The photos of Marina certainly make her look a beatiful ship but for me I would always prefer "all inclusive everything"! I would rather pay a higher price up front then not have to worry about any extra costs while I am onboard. Those who have sailed the mass market lines for years probably dont have a problem with signing everytime you want a drink etc, and paying extra for water, coffee and all the other things I take for granted with Seabourn. However our first cruise was with Seabourn, so we have been spoilt and have come to "enjoy" being spoilt. I have looked at other cruiselines and compared prices and Seabourn always comes up very favourably. So although I "never say never", I cant see us going far from Seabourn at this stage. Do I sound like a cheerleader??
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