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I have seen Silver Spirit also and I have to agree - all the suites are forward and I have never understood putting all the suites in the roughest places on the ship.

Marina has a lot of nice amenities - like the Bon Apetiti kitchen and artists loft.

I actually remind me more of Crystal than anything else.

No one has ever really done a thorough cost analysis of how much you "pay" for the privilege of inclusiveness, except I would almost guarantee you you are paying full price for a full cruise of total immersion in "free liquor, tips, shore excursions, etc" daily.

So - how do you really assess luxury? Is it a perfect day at sea - with no port of call? or is it perfect food, drink and company? and paying for somethings a la carte really shouldn't make and difference?

At hotels people pay the bill, they don't fret because it wasn't an all inclusive hotel. Do cruises really have to be different?
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