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Paul, you do not seem to understand loyalty of Seabourn repeaters. Please cease criticizing Seabourn until you have sailed on her.
I always find it interesting when people try to tell me what I am allowed to say. I could say the same thing and ask you not to judge Marina until you have sailed on her.

And to say I "criticized' Seabourn is a leap. I didn't say anything negative about the line.

As I pointed out in the Crystal thread - Oceania is losing Nautica and gaining Riviera next year - that means the Oceania standard will be the "Marina-class" very soon.

I feel you do not understand how lovely Marina is as a ship, or the quality of the culinary experience onboard.

I suggest you go to the Oceania thread and look for links to the Marina photo galleries I have posted.

I think loyalty to a cruise line is fine - but I am not convinced it is universal. Some people are loyal, but some like move around and try different things. I am just pointing out, in case you didn't know, that Marina is a far nicer ship than most people probably expected.

I am not sure inclusiveness is that important a disctinction between Marina and Seabourn. I would have been far more convinced if you had cited size and the focus on destinations over the onboard experience as the main differences.
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