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Default Seabourn's new ships? Are they spectacular?

With the introduction of Oceania Marina it occured to me that Seabourn is a main contender in the sense that there are not that many NEW luxury ships.

And by the way - if you think Marina is not luxury just because the pricing is not inclusive then I think you have to re-assess how to determine luxury.

Marina is a stunningly beautiful ship with fantastic food - and the food is all inclusive, even many luxury lines try to charge extra for alternative dining - not Marina. Even better, the alternative dining spots are BIG so you should have no trouble getting in several times per cruise - except for Jacques which is limited seating for a good reason.

But my question here is about NEW SHIPS. Marina is a beautiful ship, while I have found some luxury ships to be stark and cold. The cabins are extraordinarily comfortable.

I am interested in what people think about comparing the new Seabourn ships (for food and accomodations) to Marina - since they are both new ships.

And for that matter - add in Silversea Silver Spirit.
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