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Exclamation $100 on last Statement

SBC must be spent on the ship, I know of past passengers loosing remaining balances.
NCL does not want the funds to leave the ship, hence, the $100 future cruise credit, which was fair.
NLC is the last hold out between Carnival Corp. & Royal Caribbean Corp.
It's a matter of time in my opinion.

NCL actually cut a ship in half to add to her size, I know cost was the factor.
All the major players unload older ships and purchase new mega ships with new technology.
The marketing potential after entering the Eclipse into the fleet has changed the way business is done.

If you received in writing the name of personal setting the time & date for receipt of the $100, you could have taken it up with management on the ship.

Waiting until the last day, must be a policy for NLC to avoid passengers with unresolved issues.

Down loading the doc at the internet cafe was the process to cure the problem, if you had known, otherwise, the fine print covers the process.
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