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Just FYI...

If no one meets you look for the person (in the baggage claims area) who is there to intervept passengers for the ship transfer.

Sometimes cruise lines expect you to get your own transortation and will reiburse you for a taxi, but if you can find an NCL rep they will walkie talkie and find out what you are supposed to do.

If you see no one from NCL, ask an agent from another cruise line if they have seen an NCL agent (they often know each other).

Bottom line - get to the ship, even if you have to pay. They will pay you back.

My first time out the cruise line flew me to Acapulco and told me it was a day early. There was NO ONE at the airport to meet me, but I just happened to see a Norwegian gal who looked like she worked on a ship, so I just asked her "do you work for Royal Viking" - she said "Yes!"

It turned out the ship was IN already and leaving that night. We shared a cab.

My first Norway contract they bought me a redeye from Salt Lake. I arrived a 5:00 a.m. and took a taxi to the pier and it wasn't even open yet. There was no one there to meet me even at the ship. A nightmare (I was working for JAR)

I waited for some entertainment looking types to walk off the ship and told them why I was there. Finally one of them went back onboard and got the company manager who acted like I was nothing but a pain in the a** for her. I was exhaausted. It was not a good start.
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