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First off, this company had many great deals over the years, and I bought them all and came out way ahead time after time, and it was only when Michael Burke (THE SON OB) became President of this company "his deals" became a CON, :Ponzi, but as I trusted my own mother after she showed me she was trust worthy, I would bet the farm on her honesty, and I had no reason to question a company that I got every dimes worth out of, so I am not a fool and I was departed from some of my money in the end but, it was a great company and if you did not get to go then You are the fool becasue money cannot buy what I and hundreds of thousands of other people got from Windjammer, and for me it was over 20 years I sailed with them regularly. I resent the fool part of your post and it is unfortunate than in your shipping experiences in your husbandry end of it that you had to watch out for a crook in every port. Windjammer was the love of my life and even though I lost some money in the end, in a way it just paid for the difference it what I got extra the many many times I did go.

It is so sad that a lot of people lost money and gave the Burkes a horrible name, but this travesty of life was caused by only 2 people, MICHAEL BURKE & his sister SUSAN BURKE. The rest of the Burke family were good people and the good ones are dead from the heartbreak of what just 2 people did. When I die I intend to be buried in my most worn out Windjammer T Shirt. Hopfully it will be more worn than it is now becasue I proudly wear all my WJ T shirts all the time.
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