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Cool Shoe bag

JUST love it when I read about cruisers buying shoe bags (i hope they are the material ones, not vinyl).. The first year I started cruising over 20 years ago plus a cruise who is on another board, Calgon, gave us the idea...and we have passed it along for years and years..As for laundry bags we use two mesh bags we hang over hooks and one is used for white and one for colored laundry... we place them in an empty suitcase and put our breakables like liquor or gifts in the middle of the dirty laundry and the rest of the suitcase if filled up with things to be washed. That suitcase is left next to the washing machine..So, every one of you that has a shoe bag... the idea came from Calgon originally more than 20 years have our "must have" bag.. which we keep filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.. and when we return from a trip we put a sticky on it reminding ourselves what has to be replaced. My newest trick.. I start a notebook when booking a trip adding reservations of hotels, Xpress passes, info about ports, insurance info, etc. etc. Just before our cruise I transfer everything into a clear vinyl order of possible use starting with pick up service or air plane tickets.. put the envelope in the back of my carry on bag and pull out the papers in order of need.. Met one woman who has them indexed

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